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Pictured below is the First Aid kit that Russ Bik carries.  This would be considered the absolute minimum.  Most of the needs we have had for such things occur when someone slips and scrapes themselves.  As we get older, a scrape that bleeds is more likely to occur.  It is not dangerous but can be messy.  This self-assembled kit includes some antiseptic wipes for wound cleaning and three types of dressing.  1) A roll of gauze for big wounds (center top) 2) Large gauze pads (lower left hand corner).  Both of those would be attached using the medical "duct tape" (upper right).  The third type of dressing is a very clever new type of waterproof transparent dressing in the upper left.  These have an adhesive backing which you expose by removing a plastic cover.  The adhesive is just around the outer perimeter so nothing sticky touches the wound.  These work very well for wounds that aren't too big.  The ones pictured are a 2.4 x  2.5 inches.  You can zoom in on the picture below.  The kit also includes a small Swiss Army knife with scissors, tweezers and several other tools. Not shown are some vinyl gloves and a small paper bad for collecting the trash. Total weight 3.2 Oz.

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